Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Vanitiy refinishing is a very popular and affordable upgrade, along with being a compliment to new countertops or the refinishing of existing countertops. MC KITCHEN CABINETS can transform an outdated or undesireable set of kitchen or bathroom cabinets into a beautiful focal point.

Prior to refinishing, we can repair any damage as well as replace the old hardware, to really make a dramatic increase in the curb appeal for your kitchen. MC KITCHEN CABINETS can save you thousands of dollars by refinishing your cabinets and vanities, compared to the typical cost of replacing them. Most of the time, people can’t tell the difference between a refinished cabinet versus a brand new one. That means signifigant visual upgrades and potential property value gains for you, and you only had to spend approximately 20% of the typical cost of replacement.

We also do TRIMS

Baseboard trim, attached to the bottom of walls, is made from small strips of wood. Not only is this trim aesthetically pleasing, but also it helps protect walls from damage during carpet installation. However, over time, the caulking and paint on baseboard trim tends to chip off. If your baseboards are looking weathered or chipping, refinish the trim to restore its original function and appearance.


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